I’m speechless,I just thought about deleting or something and I just saw these messages and It just..I don’t have words to say,I can’t fit in words how I love you all,you don’t even know me and you care about me and it just makes me in so many tears and I just don’t know what to do,I feel so guilty If I keep on what I was going to do,because omfp you all care,and you know what it means? Something that I never thought that was possible,people caring about my existance ,and i didn’t fucking post my thoughts to get attention I did ‘cause here is my only escape,it’s the very only place I can be myself,I’ve been so fucking bad and depressed and I’ve just here alive tonight because of the friends I did on tumblr,I found out here,that I’m not the only one that feels like this,but sometimes it’s not enough to keep some reason to live. When MCR broke  up I fell down really down but we all here got together through this and It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen here. and I’m just so speechless for each message and I’m just so thankful and I think i’m getting better,i’m trying because I want to see you all proud of me for not giving up,even if it’s so hard,thank you so much,just thank you,I’d hug you all if I could,you’re my best friends and I’d do anything for you all.

Thank you

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    We love you girl! Never doubt that someone cares. Sometimes people just don’t understand how to show that they care...
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